One Day LIVE Workshop on Banking Credit Analysis Process + 15 Courses cover

One Day LIVE Workshop on Banking Credit Analysis Process + 15 Courses

layers 26 Courses

Language: English

Are you struggling in understanding banking credit-related matters like Financial Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow and Fund Flow Analysis, Working Capital Assessment and products like Cash Credit, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Term Loan appraisal covering Debt Equity Analysis, DSCR, FOIR, etc.?

Are you a Banking Executive (Relationship Managers (RMs) / Credit Analysts / Credit Managers who have recently joined in the Bank/ NBFC or who have been transferred to the credit department recently)?

Are you a Finance Professional working on Project Funding for your clients?

Are you a Finance Manager finding it hard to understand the expectations of your Bankers?

Then this workshop is for you.

Welcome to "One Day LIVE Workshop on Banking Credit Analysis Process"

Workshop Objectives:

  • To enable participants to develop a framework of analysis given a set of financial information on their target borrowers.
  • To facilitate participants to develop an understanding of financial products and services both funded (working capital, term loan) and non-l facilities (LC, bank guarantees, etc.)

Workshop Content:

1) Financial Analysis 
(Covering Financial Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis & Fund Flow Analysis)

2) Working Capital Financing
(Covering Working Capital Concept, Cycle, Assessment & Credit Facilities)

3) Fund Based & Non-Fund Based Credit Limits
(Covering LC / BG)

4) Term Loan Appraisal 
(Covering Viability Study, Assessment, DSCR, FOIR, Break Even Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis)

Credit Analysis is the core process adopted by any Bank to understand, evaluate, and appreciate the Customers Identity, Integrity, Financial Position, - Repayment Capacity, Etc.         

Workshop Date & Timing:

23rd January 2021 (4th Saturday - Bank Holiday) - 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Workshop Schedule:

Financial Analysis 9.30 to 11.15
Tea Break 11.15 to 11.30
Working Capital Financing 11.30 to 1.00
Lunch Break 1.30 to 2.30
Fund Based & Non-Fund Based Products 2.30 to 3.45
Tea Break 3.45 to 4.00
Term Loan Appraisal 4.00 to 5.30

Workshop Delivery:

The workshop will be conducted through the Zoom Platform secured with password access. (Zoom Webinar Link and Unique password will be shared via email to registered participants)


a) Webinar Presentation Material
b) Access to EBooks on topics related to Credit Analysis
c) Life Time Access to Package of 25 Resources (15 courses + 10 EBooks) covering:

  1. One Day LIVE Workshop on Banking Credit Analysis
  2. Financial Ratio Analysis Mastery Course
  3. How to prepare & analyse Cash Flow Statement like a Pro
  4. How to prepare & analyse Fund Flow Statement like a Pro
  5. How to Prepare CMA Report for Bank Loans
  6. How to carry out Credit Risk Rating for Non-Trading Entities
  7. How to carry out Term Loan Appraisal & Assessment as Banker
  8. Learn Banking Credit Analysis through Case Studies
  9. How to Read the Balance Sheet
  10. How to Read the CIBIL Report
  11. Working Capital & Term Loan from Banker’s Point of View
  12. Master Class on Working Capital Management
  13. Collateral Securities A Comprehensive Study
  14. Finance for Non-Finance Executives
  15. Basics of Forex Management A Complete Study
  16. How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker

Free Resources Included:

17. Crash Course on Certified Credit Professional

18. Crash Course on JAIIB

19. Crash Course on CAIIB

20. E-BOOK on Financial Ratio Analysis

21. E-Book on Cash Flow Statement

22. E-Book on Debt Service Coverage Ratio

23. E-Book on Current Ratio

24. E-Book on Debt Equity Ratio

25. E-Book on Fund Flow Statement

26. Professional Courses For Banking Executives:- Courses you can pursue while working in a Bank

Check out what our earlier students have said about our Banking Credit Courses:

Review / Feedback of participants who participated in the Workshop.

Name of Participant Feedback / Review Designation
Rajasekar J I am from engineering background. Your workshop helped me as a credit officer to know about banking credit appraisal process better. I am now confident of doing proposals. Thank you sir. Management Trainee
Vidya Vijayan Helpful session with practicle experience and application of ratios and formulas. Thank you for much extended learning support Senior Manager
Jagadish Kumar P Soman

For a person like me who is new to credit, this workshop has been a foundation class that I could have ever dreamt of. Sir's simple way of explaining concepts has helped me attain clarity on main concepts. Thank you sir.

Vaibhav Kumar You did put lots of efforts in your workshop and webinar. It was indeed a great learning. Thanks a lot. Credit Officer
S Nareshkumar Yes i have learnt more about Guarantees and LCs which i have not come across earlier Freelancer
Vishal shedge Got really good knowledge AGM
Sundar It was nice session. Pls take care of your health level Sr Manager
Sandeep singh Very satisfactory sir Branch manager
Ajil It was a bulb on moment in many concepts it was very useful Manager
Senthilkumaran The Workshop was arranged well structured manner and i have learnt lot many. Thanks Sir. Head - Finance and Accounts
Shahsikant It has been a great learning program and have learned a lot. This will definitely helping in my work and led me doing my work more efficiently Asst manager
Mahendra Patimeeda Excellent Employee
Singaravadivelu This is my first class with CARaja class. I feel very happy and teached easily understand for me. Thkz Manager - Accounts
Suneeti Maithil Very helpful in understanding credit assessment. Would recommend for those who are dealing in credit. Deputy Manager


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